Ford Mondeo III sedan 03/07-09/14, combi 06/07-09/14, Galaxy III 08/06-06/15


Vertical detachable towbar

HOOK CZ s.r.o.
Price including VAT
315,77 €
Price excluding VAT
260,97 €
Common price
350,86 €
Promoted 10%
  • tažné zařízení Ford Mondeo, Ford Galaxy

Vertical detachable towbar, removable without the use of tools, the removal and fitting is very easy. Towbar is invisible on the vehicle, when the towball is removed and the socket plate folded. The towball is lockable.

  • Max towing capacity: 2250 kg
  • Vertical load: 90 kg
  • D-value: 11,62 kN
  • Bumper cut: Galaxy invisible, Mondeo sedan without cut, Mondeo combi 06/2007-09/2010 visible cut, from 10/2010 without cut.

Not suited for Mondeo Titanium S with a spoiler and Galaxy Titanium.